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WGU transcript, Western Governors University transcript

WGU transcript, Western Governors University transcript

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WGU was officially established in the United States in 1997 by the governors of 19 states. It was first proposed by then-Utah Governor Mike Leavitt at the Western Governors Association’s annual meeting in June 1995. It was formally introduced the following November, and in June 1996, each signatory governor pledged $100,000 to launch the new competency-based university. While seed money is provided by the government, the school will be set up as a self-sustaining private non-profit institution. In January 1997, 13 governors were present to sign the articles of incorporation, officially inaugurating the new university.

In August 1999, WGU launched its first degree program, consisting of an Associate of Arts in General Education, an Associate of Arts in Technology with three degrees in applied Arts, and a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology. In December 2000, Genevieve Kirch became WGU’s first graduate. Kirch earned a Master’s degree in Arts, Learning and Technology.

An audit released by the Department of Education’s Office of inspector General on September 21, 2017 “concluded that Western Governors University does not meet institutional eligibility requirements that limit the percentage of correspondence courses that ordinary students can take” and that “at least 69 of the 102 courses are not designed to provide regular and substantive interaction with faculty, Therefore, it does not meet the regulatory definition of distance learning.”

As a result, the audit found that most of the university courses did not meet the standards required by Title IV of the Federal Financial Aid Act, as set forth in the 1992 law defining eligibility for financial aid. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General recommended that WGU repay the federal government more than $712 million.

Education Department spokeswoman Liz Hill said in a statement to the Salt Lake Tribune that they are reviewing the inspector general’s report, adding that “the innovative student-first model used by this school and others like it has gained bipartisan support. Over the last decade.”