What is a University of Hohenheim diploma and transcript equivalent to?

University of Hohenheim diploma

University of Hohenheim diploma

What is a University of Hohenheim diploma and transcript equivalent to? How much cost a University of Hohenheim degree? Where to buy a fake Universität Hohenheim diploma for a better job? Replace Your Lost University of Hohenheim diploma, order a fake Germany diploma with real seal. The University of Hohenheim (German: Universität Hohenheim) is a campus university located in the south of Stuttgart, Germany.

Hohenheim University was founded when the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815 caused a global climate change and a famine in the kingdom of Wurttemberg. Kaiser Wilhelm I of the German Empire set up the College of Agriculture to improve the kingdom’s food and nutrition situation, which is the foundation of the university. To this day, agriculture is still a key subject in universities. The University of Hohenheim is the oldest existing university in Stuttgart. The main teaching building is the castle that survived World War II, so the university campus is also a famous scenic spot, known as the most beautiful campus in Germany.

The University of Hohenheim has long been ranked the first in Germany in agricultural science and economics and management. Environmental science, ecology, food science and other disciplines are Germany’s first-class. Hohenheim University is ranked 1st in Germany and 16th in the world for Agriculture and food science, according to the 2020QS World University Rankings.

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By the 1950s, scientific specialization had become so advanced in almost all fields that the expansion of universities had to consider only agricultural sciences. In 1964, an opportunity arose to expand biology education. In the same year, two colleges, the College of Natural Sciences and the College of Agricultural Sciences, were established. Between the end of World War II and 1964, the number of school departments more than doubled.

In 1967, the school officially changed its name to Hohenheim University, but after the name change, as in 1847 and 1904, the school changed little in terms of structure and teaching. It was not until 1968 that a third college was established as the College of Business, Economics and Social Sciences, having split from the Applied Business and Economic Sciences attached to the former College of Agriculture.