TELC Deutsch B2 certificate for sale, Buy Germany fake certificate now

TELC Deutsch B2 certificate

TELC Deutsch B2 certificate

TELC Deutsch B2 certificate for sale, Buy Germany fake certificate now. Where can I buy the same TELC transcript as the official? Where to buy a fake TELC degree certificate for a better job? Is it hard to get a TELC Deutsch B2 certificate in Germany? Die Telc gGmbH (Eigenschreibweise telc gGmbH) ist ein Sprachtestanbieter mit Hauptsitz in Frankfurt am Main.

Released in 2001, it is used in the skill areas of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Telc – Offers language tests in English, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish and Arabic. Telc is a full member of the European Association of Language Testers (ALTE).

You can take the Telc language test at more than 3,000 testing centers in 20 countries/territories, as well as at adult education centers and private language schools. Under the label “Telc-Training”, telc gGmbH also provides teachers and staff with further Training in the field of language.

The European Language Certificate – today’s Telc exam, formerly the VHS Certificate – was created in 1968, when a team of language experts led by Robert Nowacek created the first standardized language test for the German Association for Adult Education. V. (DVV) has developed an English version of the VHS certificate for adult education centers. Over the years, tests in other European languages have followed.

In 1995, DVV became a member of the European Association for Language Testing (ALTE). This association of language testing providers from more than 20 European countries is mainly concerned with the quality assurance of language testing. In 1998, DVV’s examination center was spun off as WBT Further Education Test Systems GmbH(WBT) and eight years later was renamed telc gGmbH (European Language Certificate).

What is a TELC Deutsch B2 certificate equivalent to?

Between 2006 and 2009, Telc, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, together with the Goethe Institute, developed the German Language Immigrant Test (DTZ), which concludes the language component of the integration course and, if successful, becomes a prerequisite German residence permit for immigrants to Germany.

Naturalization can also be applied for with proof of successful completion of the German immigration test as well as the “Life in Germany” test after the orientation course. After the development was completed, telc GmbH received the mandate from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to implement and further develop DTZ.