What is the fastest way to get a TELC B2 certificate online?

TELC B2 certificate, The European Language Certificates

TELC B2 certificate, The European Language Certificates

What is the fastest way to get a TELC B2 certificate online? How to get a fake TELC B2 certificate online? Where to purchase a TELC Deutsch B2 certificate? How much to order a TELC B2 certificate? How long to replicate a fake The European Language Certificates in Germany? The European Language Certificates (TELC; also known as TELC language tests) are international standardized tests of ten languages. TELC gGmbH is a non-profit language test, examination and the certificate provider based in Frankfurt am Main.

TELC language testing is available at 3,000 testing centers in 20 countries in English, German, Turkish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Arabic, including community colleges and private language schools.

The European Language Certificate — today’s TELC language test, formerly the VHS Certificate — emerged in 1968, when Robert Nowacek’s team of language experts first developed the English VHS Certificate as a standardized language test for the German Association for Adult Education (DVV).

Over the years, tests in other European languages have followed. In 1995 the DVV Test Centre became a member of the European Association for Language Testing (ALTE). The main goal of the association, which is made up of language testers from more than 20 European countries, is to ensure the quality of language tests.

In Germany, TELC gGmbH works with the federal government to conduct language tests for immigrants at the end of Integrationskurs. Individuals wishing to apply for German citizenship can use the TELC certificate to demonstrate the necessary language skills. TELC certificates are recognized in all German-speaking countries for residence permits.

In the case of a spouse’s subsequent emigration to Germany, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes that the test “Start German 1 / TELC German A1” is a visa requirement for a spouse’s subsequent emigration. In Poland, the TELC certificate is considered as proof of professional language competence for civil servants. Hungary, the government-recognized TELC examination is a necessary condition for a higher education qualification. In Switzerland, depending on the cantons.

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In addition, the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK) officially recognizes the German TELC language test. Recognition by the Supreme State Control Council of Turkish Universities is valid for all TELC gGmbH German language examinations at the B2, B2 + and C1 competence levels of the common European framework.

In this decision decision testing was included in the University Council’s official Equivalence table (ngilizce Dil Esdegerligi tablosu). Thus, the TELC language test can be used and recognized by all Turkish universities and institutions of higher education, and used to recruit lecturers, students who wish to pursue a master’s degree, and doctoral students who must prove their language skills.