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Sprott Shaw College diploma

Sprott Shaw College diploma

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In 1903, Robert James Sprott, in partnership with William Henry Shaw of Shaw Colleges, opened the first Sprott Shaw campus, It was then called Vancouver Business School, but changed its name to the Sprott Shaw School of Business.

Following the success of the first university, they opened more campuses in cities across western Canada, including Vancouver, Nanaimo and Victoria. By 1921, the Sprott Shaw chain of schools was the largest commercial school in western Canada, with 12 flag schools across Canada and several in the United States.

In 1964, Ernie Henderson of Henderson Colleges purchased and acquired Sprott Shaw and remained the owner until his death in 1974. Thereafter, the Victoria Campus was purchased by Commander Robert NG (Bud) Smith, who ran the school until 1988, when Terry Hackett purchased the school.

In his early years, Sprott Shaw specifically designed the post-World War I retraining program for military personnel. The training includes Morse code, radio broadcasting and aviation. During this time, the college also established radio stations with signal connections that could be heard as far away as Hawaii.

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In addition to being a pioneer in commercial radio in British Columbia, Sprott Shaw founded a flight school in the province. Their flight school took over British Columbia Airlines and provided flight training at their air school. During this time, gliders were used to teach students the basic principles of flight.

In 2012, the school, formerly known as a Shaw Community College, was restructured into Shaw College and Shaw Degree College. In 2013, Shaw changed its name to Tengfei School of Management. In 2016, Tengfei School of Management became a part of the EduCo Education Group. Today, Sprott Shaw’s modern campus trains more than 3,500 students a year across 16 campuses in British Columbia. Small class sizes, hands-on training and job placement support are available at all locations.