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Southwestern University diploma

Southwestern University diploma

Where can I buy the same Southwestern University diploma as the official? How much to buy a fake Southwestern University degree online? How to obtain a fake Southwestern University diploma for a better job? Purchase a phony Southwestern University diploma degree quickly and safely, Replace Your Lost Southwestern University diploma, buy a USA fake diploma. Southwestern University (Southwestern or SU) is a private liberal arts college in Georgetown, Texas. Formed in 1873 from a revival of collegiate charters granted in 1840, Southwestern is the oldest college or university in Texas.

Prior to adoption in its present form, the Texas Legislature (Texas Legislature 1836-1845) had granted bylaws to establish four educational institutions: Lutsville College in Lutsville, Texas; Wesleyan College in St. Augustine, Texas; Mackenzie College in Clarksville, Texas; and Sur University in Chapel Hill, Texas.

In 1873, a union of the four institutions was formed in Georgetown at the University of Texas. The Texas legislature intended to preserve the name for a proposed state university at Austin, and the University of Texas granted a charter under the name Southwestern University in 1875 as a continuation of the charters of Ruttsville, Wesleyan, Mackenzie, and Soule. The institution dates its founding to 1840, when Rutersville College opened. Southwest thus claims to be the oldest university in Texas and the second-oldest coeducational liberal arts college west of the Mississippi River.

Until 1965, no African Americans were admitted to the institution. Ernest Clark entered in 1965; He graduated in 1969.

The institution offers 40 majors and 36 minors, spread between the Brown School of Art, the Garey School of Natural Sciences and the Sarofim School of Art. In addition to traditional academic programs, SWU offers interdisciplinary, independent and paired majors as well as pre-professional programs in engineering, law, medicine, and theology.

In the 2013-2014 school year, total student enrollment was 1,536, with a gender distribution of approximately 60% females and 40% males. Of the first-year students who entered in the fall of 2013, 37 percent were in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class and had an average SAT score of 1166 (* not included in the writing section). Most of the students were from Texas (89 percent), while the remaining 11 percent came from 23 other states and six countries. Ethnic minority students make up 33 percent of the student body.

The student-teacher ratio is 11:1, and the average class size is 15 students. Ninety-nine percent of tenured or tenured faculty hold a doctorate or the highest degree in their field. Collaborations with students for research and publication are common.