How to purchase a fake SHMS certificate quickly and safely?

SHMS certificate

SHMS certificate

How to purchase a fake SHMS certificate quickly and safely? Where to spot a best diploma maker to buy a fake SHMS certificate? How long to get a phony SHMS certificate from Switzerland? How cost of the Swiss Hotel Management School certificate? Order a fake Swiss Hotel Management School certificate online, purchase a fake certificate in Switzerland, buy best diploma and certificate, phony degree certificate. The SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) is a hospitality management school situated in Caux and Leysin in Switzerland. It trains students in the hotel and hospitality industries.

SHMS interns and graduates are favored by star hotels all over the world, and work for Hilton, Westin, Marriott, Four Seasons, Peninsula hotel, The Ritz-Carlton and other internationally renowned brands. The two campuses of SHMS are located in Caux and Leysin (near Lake Geneva), both of which are very beautiful resorts. The campus in Caux, formerly known as Caux-Palace, a century-old five-star hotel, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape overlooking Lake Geneva and the city of Montreux. The Leysin campus is a famous Ski resort in Switzerland. It is well equipped and its two buildings are connected by the free train of the college.

SHMS offers bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs as well as advanced diploma and Graduate Diploma programs. In addition to providing an excellent international learning environment, students must take Courses in French, German or Spanish to strengthen their foreign language skills and lay a solid foundation for their future career.

The course characteristic:

  1. Close integration of practice and theory. Experienced teachers not only guide students to actively explore theory in the classroom, but also carefully guide all aspects of the practical curriculum.
  2. Paid internship (according to the Swiss government, the minimum monthly salary for international students is 2,168 Swiss francs, about 15,000 RMB), which is cost-effective. Internship sites include Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai and other countries. The internship Office will assist students throughout their internship. Paid internships can cover a third of the cost of tuition.
  3. Double degree certificate, common in the industry. SHMS offers a dual degree certificate from the University of Derby in Switzerland and the University of Derby in the United Kingdom to make students more competitive in their career choices.
  4. More than professional choice, expand employment. Students can choose to study hotel Management, hotel Operation Management, Tourism Management, project management and other majors according to their actual situation and career planning. The choice of multiple majors opens a wide way for students to find jobs in the future.
  5. English teaching, supporting the second foreign language. In addition to mastering English, students are required to study French, German or Spanish to lay a solid foundation for their future careers.

The first two years of the bachelor’s degree program share the same modules, with the third year depending on the chosen pathway. All students who complete the undergraduate program will complete the first two years on our Caux campus and move to our Leysin campus in the third year. Students from all paths will have the opportunity to share some lessons, participate in group projects, and organize VIP banquets together. A three-year course leading to a bachelor’s degree accredited by the University of Derby.