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Rasmussen University transcript

Rasmussen University transcript

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With an emphasis on innovative solutions, dynamic curricula and general educational skills, we are committed to pioneers in the field of career-focused education. Rasmussen University emempower students, faculty, and staff to exceed societal expectations through academic excellence, community enrichment, and service.

In Southwest Chicago – Rasmussen University Centro de Aprendizaje (Center of Learning) opened a new learning center – a place for the spread of higher education. Providing computer workstations, as well as connectivity and academic coaching, and advising both adult students seeking to study and area high school students to take dual credit courses at Rasmussen University, El Centro de Aprendizaje continues to provide education for all.

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Rasmussen University’s virtual career fair features leading employers and career experts from a range of industries across the country. Job seekers can also participate in informative online job search activities such as group discussions, resume counseling, mock interviews, and networking seminars. Our goal is to give all graduates and community members — not just our students — easy access to professionals in real time from the comfort of their own homes or offices.