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Qatar University diploma

Qatar University diploma

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Qatar University is based in Doha, Qatar. The university has complete facilities and advanced teaching equipment, with nearly 10,000 students and 1,500 teaching staff. It has 7 schools and departments of education, humanities, science and technology, law, engineering, economic management and technology, and some research and experiment centers.

The Times Higher Education Supplement’s List of the world’s best 200 universities, published on November 4, 2003, is said to be the first comprehensive comparison of top universities around the world. Peking University, the only Chinese university on the list, was ranked 17th, followed by Harvard University in the US. Qatar University is ranked 99th.

Qatar University is a comprehensive university in Qatar. Located on the northern outskirts of Doha, the capital of Qatar. In 2002, 8,621 students were enrolled, 73 percent of whom were women. Courses are in English (education, arts and social sciences disciplines) and Arabic (natural sciences, engineering and business disciplines). The main campus covers 8 square kilometers. The architecture of the campus adds a modern but traditional Qatari touch. All facilities separate for men and women, independent laboratory, reading room, etc. The university also has an experimental farm 65 kilometers north of Doha.

The Tarr University Reform Project (2003-2007) assessed and restructured university management and direction to improve teaching quality and value research. The reforms began in 2003 and were led by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Former Qu University President Dr. Sheikha Al Misnad, and the newly established Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIPD). It focuses on three principles; “Autonomy”, “decentralization” and “accountability”. While the university previously operated as a government entity, the reformed institution will be an autonomous body, governed by a board of directors reporting to the Emir. This change enables the University to manage its own finances, set goals and visions, as well as personnel and decentralization within the University, providing similar financial and personnel control for schools, departments and programs.

Academically, the reforms led to the creation of offices such as the Student Learning Support Center (SLSC) and student Counseling Center (SCC). Construction was undertaken to ensure access to university facilities for persons with disabilities. The newsletter Tawasol began to be published at the university.The reforms changed the university’s name from “Qatar University” to “Qatar University” with a new slogan; “Qatar University, Changed for You” and the new university logo.

A new strategy “from reform to transformation” covering 2018-2022 was developed. Dr Hassan Al-Derham, Rector of Qatar University, said: “We have set out a new five-year strategy that will map out ways to achieve sustained performance excellence and consolidate our achievements in key areas of education, research, institutions and participation.” The new strategy takes into account Qatar’s national vision 2030.