Can I buy a phony Purdue University Global degree of Bachelor in a week?

Purdue University Global degree of Bachelor

Purdue University Global degree of Bachelor

Can I buy a phony Purdue University Global degree of Bachelor in a week? How long would it take for me to get Purdue University Global diploma? Is it hard to get Purdue University Global diploma in the USA? Purdue University Global, Inc. (Purdue Global or PG) is a public online university that operates as a public-benefit corporation.

The university specializes in educating working adults with life experience and often with some college credit. Its programs focus on career-oriented areas of study at the certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Purdue Global serves approximately 10,000 military students, including service members, veterans and eligible dependents.

Purdue Global is led by an emeritus Purdue faculty member and administrator and overseen by Purdue System leadership, specifically the Purdue President and five members of the System’s Board of Trustees. Its main campus (for accreditation purposes) is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, and its law school is located in California.

After several years of government scrutiny, media criticism and significant enrollment declines, Graham Holdings sold Kaplan University to the Purdue University System in March 2018 for $1. Purdue University renamed the institution Purdue University Global and agreed to hire Kaplan, Inc., a subsidiary of GHC, as the exclusive provider of non-academic functions. Kaplan, Inc. agrees to assume liability arising prior to the transaction. Under the terms of the contract, Kaplan will receive 12.5 percent of the university’s revenue as long as funds are available after all operating expenses are paid and payments are guaranteed to Purdue.

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Purdue University President Mitch Daniels announced his intention to acquire Kaplan University in April 2017. From 2017 to January 2018, the school’s temporary name was NewU. Purdue’s global pedigree is rooted in a series of for-profit colleges: American Business School (1937-1999), Quest College (1999-2000), and Kaplan College (2000-2004), later renamed Kaplan University ( 2004-2017).

In the years before the sale to Purdue, Kaplan University’s parent company, Kaplan Corporation, closed or sold several schools, including Kaplan College (primarily a brick-and-mortar vocational school, not associated with the online college) in 2004 became Kaplan University), and Kaplan Career College, which was acquired by American Education in 2015. Kaplan University is the last accredited higher education institution owned by Kaplan Corporation.