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Odessa National Medical University diploma of doctor

Odessa National Medical University diploma of doctor

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Odessa State Medical University founded in 1900. Odessa State Medical University has become one of the main institutions in the Ukrainian medical system, a member of the International and European Union of Universities and UNESCO. Foreign students can choose Russian, Ukrainian and English. 250 graduate students, interns, masters and clinicians are trained and educated at the college.

The faculty consists of 144 professors with doctorates and 410 associate professors in the natural sciences. These include state and branch academicians, 42 members of foreign academies, 39 honorary scientific and technical workers, honorary doctorates and public educators, 10 national laureates and other awards of international reputation. The Odessa National Medical University consists of 58 faculties with a student population of over 6,000, including foreign students from different countries. Classes will be conducted in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

The University has 100 clinical units located in 63 medical and preventive institutions in Odessa and the Odessa region. All departments of the university have their own websites. This site contains all important methodological materials for all disciplines in Ukrainian, Russian and English. University libraries have set up a full fund for books and periodicals (more than 700,000 kinds), electronic catalogues and textbooks. Provides online access to electronic resources. A center for distance education has been established to promote the professional development of doctors and pharmacists effectively and continuously. Universities create all the necessary conditions for active student leisure.

The Medical College successfully survived the difficult and turbulent early years of the Russian Revolution and was transformed into the independent Odessa State Medical College in 1922. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Odessa State Medical University became the independent Republic of Ukraine.

Fall 2018: Odessa National Medical University is occupied by former president Valeriy Zaporozhan. Valery Zapojan, an aide to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, was fired from Ukraine’s Health ministry in July. On January 2019, the Ukrainian Cabinet decided to merge the University with the Medical School named after SI Georgievsky of Vernadsky CFU to create a new Odessa State Medical University.