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Northwestern University diploma

Northwestern University diploma

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Northwestern University was founded by Chicago Methodists in 1851. It officially opened in 1855 with two faculty members and ten students. The school’s nine founders, all Methodists, knelt in prayer before their first organizational meeting. The university’s name derives from its founder’s desire to serve the people of the states established in the former Northwest Territory. Those states are Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota. In 1855 the Evanston campus had only one temporary building. The first formal and lasting building was University Hall, built in 1869. In the 1920s, Northwestern University built its Chicago campus in Chicago for master’s schools in law, medicine, and business.

Northwestern University is a large-scale research university, with most of its students boarding. The North Central Association of Colleges and Universities and corresponding American professional organizations in Chemistry, psychology, business, education, journalism, music, engineering, law and medicine recognize more than 130 undergraduate programs and 70 graduate and professional programs. Northwestern awarded 2,089 bachelor’s degrees, 2,665 master’s degrees, 462 doctoral degrees, and 416 professional degrees during the 2006-2007 semester.

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The undergraduate program is four years, with the majority of the university’s students, with an emphasis on “liberal arts majors”. Each school department sets its own degree requirements. Each school year is divided into three semesters, each lasting about ten weeks. The three semesters begin in late September and end in early June. Undergraduates typically need to have taken at least 12 semesters of study before graduation, but Northwestern students can take courses through accelerated, honors, and a mix of medicine, science, math, engineering, and journalism. The doctoral program is conducted in conjunction with the undergraduate program.

The highest 3% of the undergraduate class in terms of average points of achievement were awarded honors, the next 5% were awarded honors, and the next 8% were awarded honors. Northwestern University also has honorary academic societies. Northwestern University has awarded 520 honorary degrees to various individuals.