LIU Bachelor degree, Lebanese International University diploma for sale

LIU Bachelor degree, Lebanese International University diploma

LIU Bachelor degree, Lebanese International University diploma

LIU Bachelor degree, Lebanese International University diploma for sale. How long to get a fake LIU diploma? Where to get a fake Lebanese International University degree? How much to purchase a fake diploma from the Lebanese International University? Can I buy a fake LIU degree and transcript in the USA? The Lebanese International University is a private university established by the philanthropist and former Lebanese defense and education minister Abdul Rahim Mourad.

LIU has nine campuses in various locations in Lebanon: Bekaa, Beirut, Saida, Nabatiyah, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, tire, Layak and Kharba Akqa. The Bekaa campus is the “mother” to many of LIU’s Lebanon campuses. It has a main cafeteria with a capacity of over 500 seats, several shops and restaurants, hostels for male and female students. And recreational facilities including a swimming pool, football pitch, several green Spaces and parking.

Located not far from central Beirut, the Beirut Campus consists of seven buildings. The campus also has cafeterias; Large auditoriums, underground parking lots, and male and female student dormitories on the campus near the university. The Beirut Campus is located in the Mouseitbeh residential district of western Beirut. It consists of seven buildings, which are called Block A Block G. The first building, shown here, is Block-A. The building is about five or six stories high, and the office of the campus manager is on the fifth floor.

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The second building, Block-B, is larger, about eight stories high. Three floors below, the university have one underground parking space and two auditoriums. The main student facilities such as the newspaper office, business office and Student Affairs Office are located on the first floor of the building. College dining halls can also be found in this story.

The third building, Block-C, is almost the largest of the Blocks, about nine stories high. The lower two floors are treated as parking lots, and Block-C on his ninth floor contains mass communication offices and specialized rooms that serve as studios.