What’s right about the purchase a Lambton College diploma?

Lambton College diploma

Lambton College diploma

What’s right about the purchase a Lambton College diploma? 

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About Lambton College

Founded in 1967, Lambton College, fully known as Lambton College of Applied Technology, is a non-profit public community college, one of 24 applied technology colleges in Ontario, Canada. Lambton College is a comprehensive, specialized college with several schools of business and Sports management, health and community services, applied science and technology, It also has international education center, Modern processing technology training center, environmental protection and safety training center, industry and commerce training center, CANECT, scientific research and development center for professional training.

Our students and certificates are recognized internationally and recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. At the same time, the College has signed transfer agreements with several universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. Students can directly transfer to these universities for further study after graduation. Lemton College has a good reputation in the community. The employment rate of its graduates is more than 90% within six months, and it has been awarded the honor of the Most Satisfactory Employer College in Ontario for two consecutive years since 2011.

Lambton College diploma and related courses

International Foundation Course

Completion of preparatory courses in 8 months at the soonest, senior professors, small classes

No TOEFL or IELTS scores are required for direct admission to a signed university

Sophomores can enter the foundation course directly into Lambton College without a diploma

High school seniors do not need to provide their joke scores to apply for admission to either the college or Lambton college

Outstanding preparatory graduates can transfer credits to enter the second year at Lambton College

Lambton College has transfer agreements with more than a dozen colleges and universities in Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries

2-year college diploma with paid internship in hotel Management

Enjoy salary while doing internship

Practice and theory are combined to better master professional skills

Complete the process from school study of social practice

Credits can be transferred to more than 20 famous universities in North America for further study

The Associate diploma for international students is entitled to the same immigration bonus points as the undergraduate diploma

Graduates of public schools can get two-year work visas.

The two-year paid Internship diploma in Hotel Management provides students with an opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and master relevant skills in the hospitality industry. Students can improve their professional knowledge while studying room management, entertainment management, tourism development, human resources and planning, and obtain a relevant license.

In addition to learning specialized courses, students’ service level, team building level and management level have been improved accordingly, especially in the core courses, students enjoy small classes. Its aim is to cultivate high-quality and professional hotel management talents.