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KU Leuven transcript

KU Leuven transcript

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It is a member of the European Alliance of Research Universities, One European University Alliance, Coimbra Group, Europaeum, Association of European Universities and other university alliances.

KU Leuven is well known in Europe for its rigorous research attitude and high quality research. 42nd in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 2022, 7th in continental Europe and 1st in the Low Countries. 2022U.S. The News World University ranked 48th, 2022QS World University Ranked 70th, 2022ARWU World University ranked 87th, and ranked 5th in the world and 1st in Continental Europe in the 2017 Reuters World Most Innovative University Rankings.

Before the First World War, the 8th Duke of the Ellenberg family wanted to sell the castle and its annexes to the University of Leuven for a reasonable price. During the First World War, the castle and grounds were occupied by the Germans and Austrians. After the war the Arenbergs were believed to be of German or Austrian origin because of their close association with the Habsburgs of Germany or Austria, and the castle and the park were later seized by the Belgian government.

It was not until 1921 that KU Leuven formally acquired these properties, allowing it to become an expanded natural sciences and engineering campus in the style of an American university, which gradually became one of the main faculties of KU Leuven. The castle itself is the main building and house of lecture rooms and studios in the Engineering School, which includes the Department of Urban Planning, the office area for the Graduate School of Engineering and the Raymond Slemmeier International Centre. The building is open to the public. The former Convent of the Holy Land is now converted into the campus library of the Engineering Academy, and the address of many scientific buildings is a street named Celestijnenlaan (” The Holy Land street “in Dutch).

Research and teaching are closely linked in KU Leuven, and the aim of teaching is to cultivate students’ ability to organize knowledge. Students develop a scientific research attitude with a solid knowledge of their own field, coupled with a wide range of knowledge in other fields: the methods to obtain research results, thinking skills to explore evidence and data, and a critical and scientific attitude. In addition, the students of Leuven extended their university education to broader aesthetic, cultural and social education.

Therefore, students have the ability to independently establish relevant and in-depth views, correctly handle and have the courage to shoulder social responsibilities. The university of Leuven takes high quality as its goal of practical teaching. The internal evaluation system and external inspectors not only present the existing quality of the university, but also serve as the basis for follow-up quality tracking and improvement. KU Leuven is committed to becoming one of the highest quality universities in Europe.