How to get Japan Visa for a better job?

Japan Visa

Japan Visa

How to get Japan Visa for a better job? How much to buy a fake Japan Visa online? Where to order a phony Japan Visa from the best fake Visa shop? Purchase a fake Visa in Japan, buy fake visa online, high quality Visa for sale. In principle, a visa will be issued if the applicant meets all of the following requirements.

1. The applicant shall hold a valid passport and have the right and qualification to re-enter the country of return or residence.

2. The application materials submitted are true and in accordance with the provisions.

3. The activities or identity, status and duration of stay of the applicant in Japan are in accordance with the eligibility and duration of stay stipulated in the Law on the Recognition of Countries of entry and exit and refugees (Decree No. 319 of 1951, hereinafter referred to as the “Admission Law”).

4. The applicant does not meet any of the provisions of article 5, paragraph 1 of the Entry Act.

Note: Article 5, paragraph 1 of the Immigration Act: foreigners who meet one of the following conditions shall not enter Japan.

Paragraph 1: Class I infectious diseases, Class II infectious diseases or designated infectious diseases under the Provisions of the Law on the prevention of infectious diseases and the treatment of patients suffering from infectious diseases (Law No. 114 of 1998) (only in accordance with the provisions of article 7 of the Law, Patients who apply to section 19 or 20 of the Act (including patients with class I infectious diseases, Class II infectious diseases or designated infectious diseases as defined in Section 8 of the Act) and patients with new infectious symptoms;

Paragraph 2: persons with mental disabilities under the Law relating to mental health and the welfare of persons with mental disabilities (Law 122 of 1950);

Article 3: The poor, the homeless and other people who are likely to become the burden of local public organizations;

Paragraph 4: persons who, in violation of the laws of Japan or of a country outside Japan, are sentenced to imprisonment or imprisonment for more than one year or to a punishment equivalent to these penalties.

Japan Visa sample

Japan Visa sample

In order to improve the issuing efficiency, The Japanese embassy and consulates have simplified the issuing procedures and stipulated that, except for diplomatic visas, all visas should be handled by the agent agency designated by the Japanese embassy and consulates in China. Tourist visas should be handled by the designated travel agency and individual applications are not accepted.

Therefore, when applying for a Japanese visa, the applicant should call the agency or travel agency first to understand the specific information needed to prepare and send it to the agency. There is no need to queue up at the embassy or consulate to apply.