How much does Japan Tourist Visa for latest version cost?

Japan Tourist Visa, Japan Visa for latest version

Japan Tourist Visa, Japan Visa for latest version

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Japan Tourist Visa notes and application procedures

  1. The Japan Visa application is made by the applicant himself at the Embassy/Consulate General of Japan, which has jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence or the country which issues the applicant’s passport. In some cases, applications may be made by accredited travel agencies approved by the Embassy/Consulate General of Japan.
  2. The documents required to apply varies depending on the purpose of travel and the nationality of the applicant. In some cases, not only documents prepared by the applicant himself, but also documents prepared by the Japanese investor require a visa application. Please send all necessary documents prepared by the inventor in Japan to the applicant in advance so that the applicant can apply for the visa.

Criteria for Japan Tourist Visa Issuance

A Japanese visa will be issued to the applicant when all of the following requirements are met and the applicant considers it appropriate to do so.

  1. The applicant holds a valid passport and is entitled to re-enter his/her country of nationality or residence.
  2. All documents submitted are true, complete and satisfactory.
  3. The activities/citizenship status or position of the applicant in Japan/the applicant meets the requirements of the immigration Law. (Cabinet Order No. 319 of 1951. The “Immigration Control Act”)
  4. The applicant does not fall under any item 1 of Article 5 of the Entry Act.

All foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa (except for those who have a valid re-entry permit). We currently do not issue any tourist or transit visas, Buy a #fake Japan Tourist Visa, #latest version Visa for sale.