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ITIL certificate, AXELOS certificate

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ITIL was first published and maintained by the UK Department of Business (OGC) in the 1980s as a best practice guide for UK Government IT departments. Shortly after its inception, ITIL was promoted to the UK private sector and then spread across Europe and the US. OGC was originally intended to improve the efficiency of UK government business by applying ITIL, enlisting the help of IT management industry experts and beginning to document their experience.

ITIL today is designed to help organizations respond to the industry’s growing demand for IT services. ITIL is the most recognized systematic and practical structured approach to global IT services. ITIL incorporates the world’s best IT practices and is a high-quality service standard for IT departments to plan, implement and operate. More than 10,000 industry-leading organizations around the world are using ITIL processes to improve the efficiency and communication of IT services. Numerous successful practices have shown that implementing ITSM can improve IT department operational efficiency by 25-300%.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has been written and divided into volumes based on functions, including: service strategy, service design, management, service transformation, service operation, and service refinement. In addition to books available in major bookstores, its software is also available online, IT infrastructure library services and products include: training, certification, software tools, and user groups such as the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF). The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is maintained and developed by the UK Government Business Office.