Is it legit buy fake degree? I dont wanna get caught by buying it online

There is no doubt that any diploma, university diploma production, production of degree certificates we made, college transcripts are not the real certificate issued by the University. We produced a diploma all customized according to customer needs, and we just provide professional design services for that friends who need to buy, we do not pretend to any school or organization, and we do not claim that we have made university diploma or degree or certificate is true. We just put our production as a new diploma unusual items for sale to customers. To sum up, first,we do not cheat our customers; second, we did not force our customers; third, we did not go to theft, we think that we did not violate the law.

We all provide such services is based on customer needs, we do not want to bring legal disputes from each other. Hereby declare that we do that document is only for personal entertainment collection, If it is used by illegal ways, there are none of our business .In general, we should not indulge this false document. Under normal circumstances,  there will be no problem buying it online. After all, there are so many people come back to purchase our products. At the same time,  we will be keep the privacy of customers safe and delete your records after done.