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Çukurova University (Turkish: Çukurova Üniversitesi) has sixteen faculties, three colleges,

seven vocational colleges, buy degree of Çukurova University three institutes and twenty

six research and application centers.

The university campus is located 10 kilometers away from Adana city center, by the Seyhan Dam Lake.

The university, with its 1903 teaching staff, offers courses to over 40,000 undergraduate,

post graduate and doctorate students.

The library has internet access and houses national and international publications.

Computer rooms are available for student use campus-wide. buy degree of Çukurova University

These computer rooms

are also used for computer-assisted education and scientific research. The university

also offers its students recreational facilities including an indoor sports center and swimming pool,

a boathouse and sports degree of Çukurova University Students can make the best of their leisure time in any of the 29 student clubs.

The students of the university have the opportunity to do practical training abroad through AIESEC

and similar organizations. Transportation to the Balcalı Campus is offered by private bus services.