How to buy a diploma of Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE)?

How to buy a diploma of Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE)?

Raffles College of Higher Education (RCHE) is a division of Raffles Education Group (REC) 

and one of the leading education groups in the Asia Pacific region. We currently have 

four major education brands: Raffles Design Institute, Raffles Merchandising Institute,

Raffles School of Business and Raffles College of Continuing Education ( Raffles 

Academy of Continuing Education). We invest in and manage 33 institutions in 30 cities in

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11 countries in the Asia Pacific region. Raffles Education Network has offices in Australia,

China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other countries.

At present, more than 31,000 students have benefited from Raffles Education Group’s quality 

higher education courses that are closely integrated with the actual development of the 

industry. Most of the graduates have become high-level applied talents with excellent 

comprehensive qualities. Raffles Group also owns an area of ​​3.31 million square meters of

Langfang Oriental University City in Hebei. Singapore-based Raffles Education Group 

currently has more than 2,900 active faculty members and is listed on the main board of 

the Singapore Stock Exchange.

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Raffles College of Art and Design

Raffles College of Art and Design provides cutting-edge innovative design and management 

education in the Asia Pacific region. After 20 years of vigorous development, it enjoys a 

high reputation and excellent social evaluation in the field of design and management 

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The undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered 


by the College have been and will continue to create a group of design talents and fashion 

industry elites that incorporate the latest design knowledge, industry information and 

practical skills. The main courses of Raffles Art and Design College include fashion design,

graphic design, multimedia design, game design, animation design, interior design, 

product design, jewelry design, fashion marketing and so on.

Raffles Business School, buy diploma of Raffles College of Higher Education,

Raffles Business School was established in May 1999 and has been committed to cultivating

entrepreneurial and innovative talents for the business and corporate world. Its business

management courses enjoy a good reputation in the Singapore industry. To date, Raffles College

has campuses in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mongolia and Vietnam; it also has established

good partnerships with many of the world’s leading universities, including the University of 

Leicester in the UK and the Central Queensland University in Australia. Newscastle University and more. 

Raffles College has worked with these partners for a long time and has trained a large number of 

international business talents. Raffles College offers a Diploma in Business Administration, 

Tourism and Hospitality Management, Marketing, Banking and Finance, and a Diploma in Business 

Administration. The design of the Diploma is designed by the Society and the experts from the 

academic circles and universities at home and abroad.