How about Hochschule Reutlingen diploma and transcript of Bachelor?

Hochschule Reutlingen diploma and transcript, Reutlingen University diploma

Hochschule Reutlingen diploma and transcript, Reutlingen University diploma

How about Hochschule Reutlingen diploma and transcript of Bachelor? What is the use of an Hochschule Reutlingen diploma and transcript in Germany? Is it hard to get Reutlingen University diploma in Germany? Buy a Reutlingen University diploma of Bachelor with a real raised seal. Reutlingen University (in German Hochschule Reutlingen; formerly FHTW Reutlingen) is a university of applied sciences, involved in education and research.

The University of Reutlingen has a long tradition as a second home for international students; more than a quarter of currently registered students come from countries outside Germany. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in key areas such as international business, engineering, information, medicine and natural sciences and design. Compared to regular university structures, the positioning of departments is less dependent on the scientific results produced there.

Rather, it is the result of their industry-driven specialization. The five colleges of the University of Reutlingen are the School of Applied Chemistry, the ESB Business School, the School of Information Technology, the School of Engineering and the School of Textiles and Design. Ranked in the top five in various rankings, its reputation in industry and business makes it one of the most prestigious universities of applied sciences in Germany.

The University of Reutlingen campus is located on the southwestern edge of Reutlingen, close to leisure and sports areas (including the city football stadium). Two bus lines serve the campus, and the town center is a 20-minute walk away. Two neighborhood centers are each a five-minute walk from campus and residence halls and feature shopping malls, banks and doctors.

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Hendrik Brumme has been Rector of the University of Reutlingen since 2012, succeeding his predecessors Peter Nieß and Wolfgang Hiller. Since 2019, Alexander Leisner has served as Chancellor of Finance and as Head of Administration. The President of the University is elected by the University Advisory Board and is responsible for the development and competitiveness of the University.

In addition, it oversees the management of the Office of the President and handles further matters concerning its own administration, such as the election of the President or decisions regarding its structure and development plans. The Chairman of the University Advisory Board is Christoph Kübel, Managing Director and Director of Industrial Relations of Robert Bosch GmbH.