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Harvard University Bachelor diploma

Harvard University Bachelor diploma

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Harvard University was founded in 1636 by a vote of the Supreme Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in colonial, pre-revolutionary times. In 1638, the university acquired the first known printing press in British North America.

It was named Harvard College in 1639, in honor of John Harvard, an English clergyman who died shortly after emigrating to Massachusetts and bequeathed it £780 and his library of about 320 volumes. The charter creating the Harvard Company was ratified in 1650.

A 1643 publication defined the university’s purpose: “To promote learning and carry it on to posterity, fearing to leave the church an illiterate ministry while our present preachers lie in the dust.” In its early years, the college produced many Puritan ministers and offered a classic curriculum based on the English university model ‍ — many of the colony’s leaders had attended Cambridge University ‍ — but also in line with the English doctrine of Puritanism. Although Harvard was never affiliated with any particular denomination, many of its earliest graduates went on to become Puritan ministers.

Until the 19th century, Harvard College, which was founded a century and a half, was still modeled after Oxford University and Cambridge University in Britain, aiming to train priests, lawyers and officials. It focused on the humanities, and students were not free to choose courses. At the beginning of the 19th century, the clarion call for higher education curriculum reform sounded in Harvard, advocating “academic freedom” and “freedom of lecture”. The old frames of “fixed academic year” and “fixed course” were attacked, and the system of free elective courses gradually emerged.

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In 1839, Harvard University launched another curriculum reform. Harvard officially adopted the elective course system, but it was quickly reversed in the face of conservative opposition.

In the eighteen sixties, the Civil War broke out in the United States. The Civil War opened the way for the development of American capitalism. The productive forces made rapid progress, and the status of scientific and technical workers was gradually improved. Engineers, natural scientists and industrial technicians were able to keep pace with lawyers and officials. The change of the situation was very favorable to the curriculum reform of higher education institutions. The elective system arose again, and Harvard once again took the lead in the reform.