Can I buy a phony FOM Hochschule diploma in a week?

FOM Hochschule diploma, FOM University degree

FOM Hochschule diploma, FOM University degree

Can I buy a phony FOM Hochschule diploma in a week? How to Replace Your Lost FOM Hochschule certificate? How many semesters does it take to get a FOM University diploma? Buy a FOM Hochschule diploma and transcript. Order a fake FOM certificate online, Germany diploma for sale. The FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management is Germany’s largest private university.

The university was founded in Essen in 1990 to cater to working people. It received national recognition on September 18, 1993, and began operations in September 1994. In the first year, 149 students enrolled in the MBA program. 1998, they began to expand to other locations outside Essen. In 2005, they began offering engineering courses in collaboration with Ruhr University Bochum.

In 2012, the university sued a former student for being too quick to complete 11 semesters in just four semesters. FOM has been accredited by FIBA A since 2006 and by the German Council for Science and Humanities since 2004.

FOM University has developed into the largest university of economics and management in Germany, with a strong faculty, a total of 180 university professors, in addition to more than 500 senior visiting professors, the university has more than 15,000 students. Many well-known companies such as Siemens AG, BayerAG, DeutscheBank and Bertelsmann combine FOM University’s teaching with its executive training. FOM University has campuses in 19 cities in Germany, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich.

The number of FOM University is 91 in the list of German university degrees recognized by the Chinese government (updated on November 30, 2010).

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The university has an elegant campus environment, first-class hardware facilities, fully functional multimedia teaching equipment and first-class infrastructure, which is second to none among German universities. The university has first-class software services, and students are highly satisfied with the service management and the teaching level of professors. The school adopts the modern teaching method of multimedia and holds various seminars and academic lectures regularly.

FOM University is the largest university of economics and management in Germany. FOM University is supported by the government and co-founded by business associations, business associations, multinational corporations and consortia.