Order a fake CIMA certificate of Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

Order a fake CIMA certificate of Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

CIMA certificate of Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

CIMA certificate of Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

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About Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is The world’s largest international organization of Management Accountants and a founding member of IFAC. Founded in 1919, CIMA is the UK’s examination, management and certification body for management accountants. Headquartered in London, CIMA has branches or liaison offices in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zambia, India, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as Hong Kong and Mainland China. CIMA has approximately 150,000 members and students in more than 150 countries.

CIMA has been consistently committed to the research and development of corporate financial management and strategic decision making, closely aligned with the needs of the dynamic and challenging business community, providing the world’s most authoritative high-end finance professional qualification. CIMA certification not only provides a basis for enterprises to measure and improve the quality and professional level of financial management personnel, but also creates a platform for senior finance personnel and management elites in all walks of life to demonstrate their strength and personal development.

CIMA qualification is not limited to accounting content, but covers business knowledge and skills in management, strategy, marketing, human resources, information systems and other aspects. It will enable you to have the quality of senior decision managers, smoothly realize the role transformation of financial personnel, into the international business elite. World famous multinational enterprises, such as Unilever, Shell, Ford, Accenture and so on, all highly praise CIMA qualification.

Professional direction of CIMA certificate

Accountants are generally divided into two types — financial accounting and management accounting.

Traditional financial accounting focuses on reviewing the past and performing the function of reflecting and reporting the business results and financial status of enterprises; While management accounting focuses on future-oriented, performing the functions of forecasting, decision-making, planning, control and assessment. After becoming a “management accountant”, you will not only be limited to the traditional concept of “bookkeeper” accounting image, but become a deep understanding of financial management, can help enterprises to make strategic decisions and implementation of the corporate members.

CIMA focuses on the training and development of management accountants and enjoys a high reputation in the corporate world as the most complete business training system of the 21st century.

CIMA’s overall business focus is in the 99% of its members and students who work in business, not just accountants. This enables us to offer a new professional qualification that focuses on the competitive side of business management while also being based on strategic management accounting. Overall, we offer more management, more management accounting, more project management and more strategy than any other UK accounting firm.

Our syllabus is both practical and innovative. Unique academic training and practical experience to continue to meet the needs of employers – Chartered management Accountants have the leadership to drive business development. This kind of talent can meet the requirements of existing enterprises.