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Chicago State University diploma, CSU diploma

Chicago State University diploma, CSU diploma

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Northeastern Illinois University began as a branch of the CTC in 1949. The state of Illinois began funding the college in 1951 and took over in 1965, transforming it into a comprehensive state university. 1967 It was renamed Chicago State University. CSU is a member of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education.

The Cook County Normal School founded in 1867, largely on the initiative of Cook County Schools Commissioner John F. Eberhart. Eberhart noted that Cook County schools lag far behind their counterparts in the city of Chicago, especially when it comes to the quality and competence of teachers. In April 1860, he persuaded the county commissioners to hold a teacher-training college; Its success convinced the commissioners of the need for a permanent school to educate teachers. On March 1867, the Cook County Board of Supervisors created a normal school on Blue Island on the basis of a two-year experiment; Daniel S. Wentworth was the first president.

The school opened in 1869 as a permanent institution in Englewood, then a village far from the Chicago suburbs. When Wentworth died in 1883, he was succeeded by Colonel Francis Welland Parker, a towering figure in the history of American education. Parker was an educational innovator who helped shape the idea of progressive education that has decisively shaped American schooling over the past century. Beginning in the 1890s, progressive reformers committed themselves to the proposition that a child’s nature and interests should determine curriculum decisions, rather than the other way around, and they sought to eliminate what they considered oppressive and authoritarian standards of teaching.

Parker urged teachers to give students the freedom to learn from their environment, to let curiosity rather than reward or punishment be their motivation, and to promote American democracy by democratizing the classroom. John Dewey wrote in The New Republic in 1930 that Mr. Parker was “more than any other man the father of the progressive educational movement.” Parker believed that education was the cornerstone of democracy, and to that end rote learning should be replaced by environmental exploration. Parker’s Lectures on Pedagogy, which predated Dewey’s own School and Society by five years, was one of the foundational texts of the progressive movement.

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By the 1890s, Cook County was unable to provide the necessary support for its normal schools. Since many graduates found jobs in the Chicago public school system, the city naturally took over, though initially it was very opposed to the idea. 1897 The Chicago Board of Education took over what is now the Chicago Normal School. Shortly thereafter, the school’s prominent president, Francis W. Parker, resigned over the board’s failure to implement the recommendations of a school system committee headed by William Rainey Harper of the University of Chicago. Harper recommends raising standards for normal school admissions, increasing the total number of trained teachers and strengthening supervision of graduates once they enter public schools.