Where can I buy the same Capella University degree of Doctor as the official?

Capella University degree of Doctor

Capella University degree of Doctor

Where can I buy the same Capella University degree of Doctor as the official? How much to buy a fake Doctor degree of Capella University? Where to spot a best fake diploma shop to buy a fake Capella University diploma? Buy a Capella University fake diploma of Doctor with a real raised seal, Order an America University degree now, buy a fake degree of Doctor in the USA. The Capella University is a private for-profit, online university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Capella University has 52 degree programs and more than 1,900 online courses. About 38,000 students come from all 50 states and 61 other countries. 23% are enrolled in doctoral programs, 47% in master’s programs, and 27% in bachelor’s programs.

The Capella University was founded in 1993 by Dr. Harold Abel and Stephen Shank as a U.S. Graduate school. Shank is the former CEO of Tonka. Abe served as president of Castleton State College, Central Michigan University, and Walden University, becoming the institution’s first president.

In 1997, Capella University received regional accreditation. Two years later, the parent company and the university changed their names to Capella Education and Capella University, respectively. In 2000, Capella began offering bachelor’s degree programs.

In 2005, Capella announced its intention to go public through an initial public offering. In 2006, they became a public company (NASDAQ: CPLA), raising $80 million through this offering.

In 2007, Capella was recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) as one of 86 higher education institutions in the United States to receive the Information Assurance Education (CAE/IAE) National Center of Excellence (CAE/IAE). The name is valid for the 2007-2012 school year.

In March 2008, Capella Education Company, a longtime resident of the 225 South Sixth skyscraper in downtown Minneapolis, signed a new lease, expanded its offices and renamed the building Capella Tower. The building houses all of the company’s 1,150 downtown Minneapolis executive staff.

In 2009, the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Project Management Certification Center (GAC) accredited Capella University’s two online degree programs: Master of Information Technology, specializing in project management; And Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, specializing in project management. It also opened the Public Service Leadership Academy.

In 2010, Capella, along with three other schools, received the CHEA Institutional Practice Award for Outstanding Student Learning Outcomes from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

In August 2018, Capella Education, parent company of Capella University, merged with Strayer Education To form Strategic Education, Inc.

In 2019, Capella added learning sites in Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida.