What is the use of a CA PR card in Canada? Buy a fake Canada PR card

CA PR card, Canada PR card

CA PR card, Canada PR card

What is the use of a CA PR card in Canada? Buy a fake Canada PR card. Why do you choose a CA PR card to get a job? Can I buy a fake Canada PR card in Canada? Is it hard to get a CA PR card in Canada? Buy fake Canada Permanent Resident card, fake Canada PR card maker. By getting a Canadian Maple Leaf card, you are already a permanent resident in Canada, a permanent resident in both a developed and a high-welfare country, and you can look forward to the rest of your life in peace.

The first is the right to work, without having to apply for a work visa and worry about policy changes. This is followed by access to various benefits, such as health care, a pension when you are old (pensions are related to the number of years you emigrate, so the sooner you emigrate, the better), benefits in case you lose your job, maternity leave of up to 69 weeks (of which no more than 61 weeks are paid) and so on.

The benefits of having a CA PR card in Canada

  1. Employment is guaranteed. If Canadian residents (hereinafter referred to as permanent residents and citizens of Canada) have worked for half a year in succession, but cannot continue to work because of unemployment, illness, birth or adoption of children, they can obtain temporary income through the national employment insurance program, that is, receive regular benefits for a certain period of time to mitigate the impact of unemployment.
  2. Every province in Canada has a health insurance plan that provides affordable and high-quality medical services. 
  3. You can enjoy paid vacation
  4. Housing benefits valid holders of the CA PR card can apply for government housing.
  5. For parents with a valid Maple Leaf card, there is no need to worry about raising children in Canada.
  6. Child care subsidy: In Canada, preschool education for children before the age of 6 is self-funded, and the monthly care fee for a child is 600-800 Canadian dollars, so the government allocates special funds to set up child care subsidy.
  7. Milk gold: Every child from birth to 18 years old, every month can receive this money, set up the purpose of this subsidy, one is to help low income families, second is to encourage people to have more children.
  8. Canada’s parental leave will be increased to about 10 months from March 2019!
  9. Don’t worry about retirement

In a word, it is a good choice to shop the CA PR card, especially for older people. All the benefits in Canada can be enjoyed, and the pension and provident fund previously paid in China will not be affected, which is a beneficial and harmless practice.