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Buy fake University of Dammam degree, phony UoD certificate mill. University of Dammam, or UoD, is a university in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the oldest universities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the leading universities in medicine for both male and female students. Fake degree, buy fake UoD diploma, faking a UoD certificate. After its separation from King Faisal University, it is now thriving to become one of the best universities known worldwide. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish is its President. Buy fake diploma, novelty UoD degree certificate, buy original UoD degree. It was a previously a part of King Faisal University (now in Al-hasa only). The main campus is in the coastal area of Al-Rakah (situated between Dammam and Khobar). Several colleges are scattered around the eastern province (College of Medicine is in the main campus.) The admissions to this university is based on standardized national exams. Afterwards, buy fake degree, UoD diploma replica, buy a UoD certificate online, students are admitted into tracks based on their grades. In their first year, students compete for majors where the top students are sorted into the colleges of their choice. The medical track is one of the most competitive in the entire university. For example, only the top 140 students would be admitted into the college of medicine, and so on. Buy fake University of Dammam diploma, forged UoD degree.