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 New Jersey Institute of Technology diploma

The New Jersey Institute of Technology is composed of 6 colleges, of which the Newark School of Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology diploma, New Jersey Institute of Technology degree, buy fake degree of New Jersey Institute of Technology, buy fake New Jersey Institute of Technology diploma, fake NJIT diploma, replica New Jersey Institute of Technology degree, copy New Jersey Institute of Technology diploma, the School of Science and Art each contain 9 departments, and the School of Computer contains two departments and interdisciplinary projects such as information technology and new materials. Bachelor of Applied Physics, Architecture, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication, Computer Engineering, Computer, Electronic Engineering, Engineering Science, Engineering Technology (Computer Technology, Construction Engineering Technology, Construction management technology, electronics and computer technology, manufacturing engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, measurement engineering technology, telecommunications management technology), environmental engineering, environmental science, earth science engineering, history, human-computer interaction, industrial engineering, information systems, information technology , Management, Mathematical Sciences (Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Biology, Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science), Mechanical Engineering, Science, Technology and Society.

Master’s degree in applied mathematics, applied statistics, architectural research, biology, biomedical engineering, biomedical information, business administration (focusing on technical management), chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, mathematical biology, computer science, electronic engineering, engineering management , Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Policy Research, Environmental Science, History, Industrial Engineering, Information System, Infrastructure Planning, Network Engineering, Management, Manufacturing System Engineering, Material Science Engineering, Computing Science, Mechanical Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health Engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering, physics, vocational technical exchange, public health, telecommunications, transportation, urban systems.