Assumption University degree, Order a fake Assumption University (Worcester) degree online

Assumption University (Worcester) degree

Assumption University (Worcester) degree

Assumption University degree, Order a fake Assumption University (Worcester) degree online. How to buy a fake Assumption University diploma? Where to spot a fake Assumption University official degree? How much to get a fake Assumption University certificate? Replace Your Lost Assumption University Certificate, buy a best Assumption University Certificate, order a fake degree in Worcester. Assumption University (formerly known as Assumption College) is a private, Roman Catholic university in Worcester, Massachusetts with an enrollment of about 2,000 undergraduates.

The assumption was founded in 1904 by the Augustinians of the Assumption, a Catholic order under the Augustinian Rule dedicated to service through teaching and the hastening of the Kingdom of God, as reflected in their motto “Thy Kingdom Come.” The original campus was in the Greendale section of Worcester, on a tract of hillside land. In these early years, enrollment was exclusively male, primarily of French-Canadian heritage. Most courses were taught in French, with only a small number taught in English.

Assumption’s first effort at continuing education began in 1954 with the founding of the Evening College, later known as the St. Augustine Institute. Non-credit courses were offered two years later with the founding of the Adult Education Center. These facilities were coeducational and open to the public. Assumption phased out both facilities in the late 1960s.

In 1979, Assumption launched a second effort at continuing adult education by the Center for Continuing and Professional Education, renamed in 2007 the Center for Continuing and Career Education. This new facility combined the credited courses of the old Evening College and the non-credit work of the Adult Education Center into one office. The Center celebrated its 25th anniversary in the same year as the undergraduate studies’ centennial.

In 2020, after extensive analysis, Assumption University decided to sunset the Continuing and Career Education division. The decision reflected market realities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities that point in new directions for adult learners at the university, namely in the area of graduate studies.