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Argosy University degree

Argosy University degree

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On February 27, 2019, the U.S. Department of Education said it would cut off federal funding to Argosy University. According to Inside Higher Education, “The Department of Education says the roughly 8,800 students enrolled on the Argosy campus may seek to transfer credits elsewhere or apply to have their loans canceled in the event the campus closes.” All Argosy campuses officially closed on March 8, 2019.

Argosy University’s origins can be traced to three separate institutions: the American College of Professional Psychology, the Minnesota Institute of Medical Research, and the University of Sarasota. In the late 1970s, Michael Markowitz founded the Illinois College of Occupational Psychology, which was later renamed the American College of Occupational Psychology. In 1976, Markovitz became the founding chairman of The Argosy Education Group, which acquired Sarasota University in 1992. The University of Sarasota is a business and education focused school founded in 1969. Six years later, Argosy Education Acquired the Minnesota Medical School, a health professional training school, which had been established in 1961.

Accor education was acquired by Education Management in July 2001. Two months later, The Argosy Education Group merged the American College of Occupational Psychology, the Minnesota Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sarasota under the name Argosy University.

Students at Argosy University in Dallas sued the state of Texas in 2009, claiming they believed college recruiters inaccurately informed students that the school would soon be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). When students graduate, the school has not completed the accreditation process. At the time of the lawsuit, Argosy University Dallas had not applied for APA accreditation. In many jurisdictions, including Texas, APA certification is not required for clinical psychology licenses, according to a response from EDMC, the parent company of Argosy University.

Argosy officials rejected the fraud allegations and noted that APA accreditation for the Dallas campus is still in progress. As of 2013, Argosy University in Dallas does not offer any clinical psychology degrees and is not listed as part of the university’s School of Clinical Psychology. In December 2013, EDMC agreed to pay about $3.3 million as part of the lawsuit. The settlement does not require EDMC to admit liability.

In May 2010, the PBS program Frontline aired a program called “College, Inc.” about for-profit colleges. It features the University of Argosy. Later that year, Agosy University was one of 15 schools named in the GAO report. School recruiters were caught “making deceptive or other questionable statements” when talking to undercover applicants, the report said. GAO later worked with Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyoming) to revise the report to say the changes “undermine many of the allegations in the original report,” but the GAO director insisted that “the overall message of the report has not changed, nor have any of our findings.”