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AUB diploma, American University of Beirut diploma

AUB diploma, American University of Beirut diploma

Premium AUB diploma for sale, Buy fake American University of Beirut diploma online. How much to buy a fake AUB diploma online? Can I buy a phony American University of Beirut diploma in a week? Where to buy a fake American University of Beirut diploma for a better job? Purchase a best fake AUB diploma degree in Lebanon, buy American University diploma. The American University of Beirut (AUB) (Arabic: الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت) is a private, non-sectarian, and independent university chartered in New York with its campus in Beirut, Lebanon.

AUB has an operating budget of $423 million and an endowment of approximately $768 million. The campus consists of 64 buildings, including the American University Medical Center of Beirut (AUBMC, formerly AUH – American University Hospital) (420 beds), 4 libraries, 3 museums, and 7 dormitories. Almost one in five AUB students attended secondary school or university outside Lebanon before coming to AUB. AUB graduates live in more than 120 countries. The language of instruction is English. Degrees conferred by the University are officially registered with the New York Board of Regents.

Over the years, AUB alumni have had a broad and significant impact on the region and the world. For example, 20 AUB alumni were representatives who signed the United Nations Charter in 1945 – more than any other university in the world. AUB graduates go on to serve as presidents, prime ministers, members of Parliament, ambassadors, central bank governors, university presidents and deans, academics, business people, scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and nurses of their countries. They work in government, the private sector and non-governmental organizations.

During the Lebanese Civil war (1975-1990), AUB adopted various means to maintain continuity of study, including admissions agreements with American universities. 1982 Acting President David S. Dodge was kidnapped on campus by pro-Iran Shiite Muslim extremists. On January 18, 1984, AUB Chairman Malcolm H. Cole was murdered outside his office by members of Islamic Jihad, a group that preceded Hezbollah.

In 1984 and 1985, a number of university staff were kidnapped, Including Professor Frank Regier of Electrical Engineering, Professor J. Leigh Douglas, Professor Philip Padfield, Professor Joseph Cicippio, Dean of the College of Agricultural and Food Sciences Thomas Sutherland (1985 (1991), directed by David Jacobson and librarian Peter Kilborn (killed by his captives). In all, 30 people associated with the university were kidnapped during the war.

On 8 November 1991, a car bomb destroyed the main administration building, killing one staff member. The New York Times reported that it was believed to have been sparked pro-Iranian Muslim fundamentalists. Another source said Hassan Abed Al-Nabih, a senior intelligence officer in the Southern Lebanese army, was accused of responsibility.