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The La Trobe University also provides consulting services for international students, freshman training, campus medical and dental services, La Trobe University diploma, buy fake degree of La Trobe University, buy degree, buy diploma, free airport pick-up, English help, counselling and employment consulting services. The International Student Office located on the Bandura campus provides a range of services to help international students adapt to Australian life.

The school has priests and religious advisors who represent most beliefs. They can discuss, discuss and provide consultation with students. Employment consulting services help students prepare for a job after graduation and provide information about courses, occupations, and recruiters. The service center also distributes publications about international employment opportunities, and also provides Internet materials for job seekers looking for international jobs.

The International Project Office of the Australian University of Lezhuo University handles student applications, issues admission letters, provides pre-departure guidance, provides exchange and overseas study programs, arranges student internships, helps students book on-campus accommodation, free airport pick-up, psychological counseling, and organizes social and excursions Activities, guide employment, etc.